This is a collection of my software and other computational resources. You can also see my github and bitbucket.

Music stuff

Max for Live Devices

 Density Gate is a slightly differnt take on gates - set the proportion of time you want it open, and it adjusts the threshold automatically. With sidechains and inversion for creative possibilities
 Karma Looper uses Rodrigo Constanzo’s excellent karma~ external to do some variable pitch looking with optional degradation and modulation.
 GrainPads is a granulator designed for expressive playing with pads that do X/Y/Pressure output. is a collection of M4L devices and objects that can be used to grab audio into buffers. Can be used alongside samplers and granulators to capture new stuff. Flexible network to allow many different devices and ways of working
 Haiku Overlay lets a collection of players be interrupted by synchronised haiku (or other text) as they play.

Academic stuff

  • scalsc is an implementation of the Lightweight Coordination Calculus in Scala - declarative, open programming of multi-agent interactions. Plugins for RDF, Solid stores, databases etc.
  • crafty is an Agent Based Modelling toolkit for Europe - large scale, parallelisable simple simulation of behaviour.
  • Aporia is an Agent Based Land Use model for doing detailed simluation of medium areas, looking at how farmers balance tradition, economics, neighbours and climate change with bounded rationality.