I have a collection of artworks that overlaps with my research interests in negotiating the space between people and technology. Lichtsuchende was awarded the 2019 Lumen Prize (BCS Award for AI and Art) and has been shown at ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe, the New Technology Art Awards and Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Other works have been shown at Tate Exchange, Kinetica, Talbot Rice Gallery and more.

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Artificial Otoacoustics

(photo credits to Pieter Kers https://beeld.nu/)

Artificial Otoacoustics is an investigation into a physical deep learning synthesiser with an unconventional soundmaking apparatus that comes to understand its noise making potentials.


Lichtsuchende, a collaboration with Rocio Jungenfeld, is a small society of robot sunflowers that interact by exchanging beams of light. Over the years, they have morphed from a study in distributed embodied algorithms into an exploration of what robot imaginaries might be.

Thawing Colours

Thawing Colours is a collaborative piece with Rocio Jungenfeld, involving ice, pigment, wool, contact microphones and concatenative synthesis.


Chaodependant, in collaboration with Owen Green and Agelos Papadakis, investigates the use of technology to explore invisibly structured spaces, in particular the attraction and repulsion of magnetic fields. A pendulum hangs from the roof, with a magnet encased in glass as the bob. A circular base supports a collection of glass pods containing magnets, sensors and lights.


Selected Shows and Awards

Lichtsuchende 24/10/2019 Shortlisted for Lumen Prize, AI Section (Award)
Lichtsuchende 16/11/2018 Machine Gods, Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art (Modern Two) (Exhibition)
Lichtsuchende 22/06/2015 ACM Creativity and Cognition (Exhibition)
Lichtsuchende 31/10/2015 Exo-Evolution, ZKM Karlsruhe (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Lichtsuchende 26/11/2014 3rd Public Choice Award, New Technology Art Awards (Award) [ Doc 1 ]
Lichtsuchende 11/8/2014 New Technology Art Awards, Zebrastraat, Ghent (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Lichtsuchende 4/1/2014 AISB50, Goldsmiths, London (Exhibition)
Silicasonisphere 5/11/2014 FOaM, Brussels (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Lichtsuchende 28/03/2014 Hidden Door, Edinburgh (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Thawing Colours 5/12/2012 Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Chaodependant 5/7/2010 International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media, Athens Video Art Festival (Exhibition)
Chaodependant 2/4/2010 Kinetica, Ambika/P3, London (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Chaodependant 15/05/2009 Passing Through, London (Exhibition) [ Doc 1 ]
Truth Table 21/02/2008 The Lighthouse, Glasgow (Exhibition)


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